“Manufacturing Quality Since 1986”



Founded in 1986, KBC Electronics was primarily established as an electrical and electromechanical contractor. Since its establishment, KBC has added supplemental services to its initial core competencies.

Now with over two decades of experience, KBC has created a solid reputation with both the industry and its clients. Our client retention rate is amongst the highest in the industry, some of our clients date back to the early 1990’s. We are able to accomplish this by never deviating from the company’s core principles, which are:

  • Best In Class Approach
  • Delivering What was Promised
  • Quality First


KBC considers itself an extension of our client’s OEM facilities, and we welcome active interaction during the entire relationship. Whether you communicate via email or stop by the facilities to see the production of your product, you will always have control of the process.

KBC has always believed that proper communication is essential for ensuring a high level of quality. This is why we have streamlined our process to ensure that the proper documentation is recorded during the entire procedure. If there are any changes to the original order all of the appropriate parties will be notified.

But KBC’s commitment does not end when the order is complete. KBC values each and every one of our clients and we can always provide post shipment service; whether it is requesting the order documentation or working together to revise a design to include more challenging technology.